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Enjoying life,

one experience at a time.

A brief glimpse into my world—I currently reside in the snowy city of Montreal.

Art has been a constant presence throughout my life. From sketching to graphics to photography and now product design. Each of these creative mediums shares a common thread: the power of a story. While the stories and emotions of the creator shape these art forms, product design empowers me to illuminate narratives from individuals worldwide.

In my spare time, I immerse myself in various hobbies that satiate my inner tinkerer and artist. These pursuits include crafting fashion sketches, creating aesthetic collages, and engaging in photography. Always on the lookout for new inspirations, these hobbies not only captivate my interests but also enable me to cherish the small joys while refining until perfection is achieved.

I have a passion for books, great design, thought-provoking films, and capturing every wonderful experience I encounter—whether it's strolling on autumn leaves or basking in the morning light in my room. I think I like this little life and I intend to celebrate every minute of it.